A little about me

Writing about myself is difficult. Still. I thought I might introduce myself — Marielena Zuniga — and let you know who the creative energy is behind this blog.

I could give the standard stuff and forgive me, but I will. I’ve been writing for more than 40 years. I’ve worked as a staff writer for newspapers and magazines and earned some impressive journalism awards.

I’m most proud of the Jane Cunningham Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism Covering Issues of Concern to Women. I was in accomplished company with past winners including Glamour Magazine, The Dallas Morning News and The Wall Street Journal.

I’m also proud to have garnered some creative writing awards. For three years (2010-2012) my essays placed in the top 100 — and later the top 10 — of the inspirational category of the annual Writer’s Digest Magazine writing contest.

Most recently, I tied for second place in the John A. Hartford Foundation family caregiving writing contest. All of the above contests drew thousands of entries.

Writing this blog brings me great joy. I hope you find something that touches you, something you weren’t expecting, something that will make you reflect — and if not, that’s OK, too. Keep visiting. It may be in the next post. You never know.

(If you want to be in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on Facebook and on Twitter @marielenazuniga. )






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