Book one — and one in the making

I started writing Loreen on the Lam: A Tennessee Mystery — just for fun. I had no intention of getting it out there. But a friend, also a writer, encouraged me. Why not self-publish? So I did.

From there, iPulp Fiction picked up my book. If you’re in the mood for something light, funny but with some good messages, then this is the book for you. What’s it about?


Loreen Thigpen has a history of making bad decisions. But stealing Josh Montgomery’s tour bus from the Texas prison garage to go see her dying mom in Tennessee might be the worst decision ever.

Loreen on the Lam is chock-full of colorful characters worthy of Elmore Leonard – an escaped con, a battered wife, a deaf-mute Bible salesman and more. You’ll love them or hate them, laugh at them or cry with them, but you’ll root for Loreen in the end.

The plot is a (not-so-) simple road trip. Loreen needs to get from Houston, Texas, to Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, to see her dying mother. The only problem is, Loreen’s in prison. Much of the action takes place in and around a bus Loreen steals – a bus owned by country superstar Josh Montgomery. The journey involves a family mystery, a murder plot, and a dash of mayhem.

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Amazon review

“Loreen on the Lam is a fast-paced, funny book with an underlying serious message. But don’t read it for the message. Read it for fun; the message will find its way into your heart. Loreen steals a far-from-inconspicuous vehicle and has to travel back roads to get to her dying mother. The people she meets on these less-traveled roads are as quirky as Loreen herself. They all have their own problems – and their own agenda, providing plenty of laughs and surprises along the way.”


Readers have told me it would make a great movie and I always pictured it on Lifetime, with Reese Witherspoon or Ashley Judd (both Tennessee residents) in the role. Ah. But that’s in the hands of the Divine, so we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m writing another novel — women’s fiction — serious stuff with heart. Stay tuned.