See you in September

Sometimes we run dry. Or need a respite.

This is one of those times for me. I’ve been writing this blog for almost two years now, one post a week. That’s a lot of writing. I’ve enjoyed it and still do.

But this feels like a time to rest the words and rest in God. And to spend the summer focusing my writing in another creative direction — a novel in progress.

If you’ve already signed up for my blog, thank you. Don’t go away. I’ll still be here.

I may stop in with a periodic post, an announcement or two or who knows — whatever might prompt me to feel I have something of worth to say. Life can bring surprises, insights and unexpected gifts and I love sharing them with you all, both the happy and not-so-happy.

So even though my intent is to take a break from writing this blog for the summer, an occasional post or two may show up. You never know.

I hope any words I’ve written the past two years have given you — well — something. Perhaps that “thing” touched you, moved you, made you laugh, question or say to yourself, yes, I’m like that, too.

If so, I’m thankful and humbled.

Writing is a great gift. I treasure it and want to spend it uplifting and inspiring.

Until then, see you in September and enjoy your summer, my friends. I’ll miss your reading presence!





7 thoughts on “See you in September

  1. See you in September? (Have a good time, but remember—there is magic in the summer moon above.) Ah, yes. Memories.

    Just checking to make sure everything’s OK in your world. No troubling reason for taking this break, right?

    I’ll have to send a newsier email in the next few days. Life is interesting at the moment (to me, anyway. Anyone else would find it a bore.)

    Talk to you soon—lunch perhaps?




  2. A summer vacation—what a great idea! I’ll miss your thought-provoking posts over the summer, but I look forward to your return in September.


    • Thanks so much, Mary. I so appreciate your kind words about my posts. I may share a blog or two during the summer, but not much. Plan to return in September for those who have been following or reading my blog.


  3. I found this blog through She Loves, and my heart is leaping around like a small child, even though I also am past middle age, because I am also still trying to figure out why I am here and what I am to contribute. I am so thrilled to hear the voice of another woman struggling with this, particularly in so beautiful a voice.


    • Sharon, you words just made my heart leap like a small child. Thank you so much for finding my blog and your very kind words. We are together on the journey, many of us, and I always pray my words will touch or inspire others and give hope. We all need that today, I believe. I hope to be writing blog posts again soon, so please do come back and visit. Again, a heartfelt thanks for your comments. They touched me and I am deeply thankful.


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